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Cute Loungewear Options Instead of Sweatpants

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Sure, there are days when our oldest and most worn-out pair of sweatpants is the ideal outfit for when we have absolutely nothing on the agenda. But sometimes we want to look a little cuter and more pulled together even when we are lounging around binge watching NetFlix. But what are the options besides the sweatpants or the ever-present yoga pants? I do not mean lingerie or anything of that nature, but those comfortable outfits that are perfect for a rainy Saturday at home, or even to throw on while you are enjoying some time away from home at a resort or on a cruise ship.

These print tassle lounge pants or even these print tassle lounge capris (both from the Gap) look so comfortable and yet still very cute, especially when paired with a soft tee or tank top. For something a little more on the ‘dressy’ side if you have company, this modal PJ set is adorable and yet still looks so comfortable. If you prefer skirts to pants, this sleep dress from Venus looks soft and comfortable and very wearable. Most of these look just as comfortable as those sweatpants, but add a different level of style to your casual days.

If you just love your sweatpants, don’t feel like you have to give them up altogether. Just remember these quick guidelines to still making the sweats flattering:

  • The gathered elastic bands at the ankles are flattering to no one; they create a strange lumpy silhouette that most of us would prefer to avoid. Boot-cut or wide-leg styles are usually the most flattering.
  • Choose a slimmer-fitting top so that the entire outfit is not so loose and baggy.

(On a side note, when did yoga pants become weekend wear everywhere?)

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