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What To Wear On The Plane

Woman reading on the plane

I still remember the time when everyone dressed up to take a flight somewhere. Nowadays at the airport, it seems you have either the business travelers in their suits or the vacation travelers in their sweatpants. Personally, I prefer something in the middle, but still comfortable!

There are several keys to maintaining comfort and convenience while in flight but still come out looking semi-presentable on the other side. Let’s take a look at what to wear when boarding a flight for any length of time:

  • Comfortable = Layers – You never know how cold or hot the airplane will be, so dressing in layers can really make or break your day. Personally, I prefer a cardigan that can be removed easily while in my seat as well as a scarf that can be folded into my tote bag if I get too warm. Plus the scarf can double as a pillow if necessary.
  • Convenience = Easy – I respect the fact that we have to take our shoes off to get through security, but I am really not interested in being barefoot on the airport floor. I never fly in flip-flops, and will always have socks or little slip-on footies between my toes and the floor that has seen unknown volumes of barefooted traffic. I also like to choose shoes that can easily be slipped on and off when going through security.
  • Presentable = Casual-Cute – Yes, we want to be comfortable but that does not have to mean sloppy. My go-to travel attire lately has been a pair of black leggings, a v-neck tee shirt that is long enough to cover my tummy and my behind, and a cardigan sweater, plus the scarf. Oh, and a very cute pair of black moccasins with black footies inside.

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