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What Makeup To Wear On the Plane

woman with casual makeup on plane

Generally speaking, it is not good to travel in your full face of makeup.  It usually ends up in a flaky mess (if you tend to be dry) or a puddle on your chin (if you tend to be oily).  Granted, not many of us want to show up to our destination looking tired and haggard and pale either.  But overall I’m less concerned about how I look on the plane and more so about how I look when I arrive.  So go minimalist on the flight and touch up just before landing.

  • Tinted moisturizer with SPF – Just enough to even out the skin tone but still provide a shot of moisture plus sun protection, it is the best of all worlds. The sun protection is oddly important on an airplane, since you are now going to be approximately 30,000 feet closer and without cloud cover to protect.
  • Lip balm – This one is absolutely essential since airplanes are notoriously drying to the skin. Your lips will be the first place you feel it.  You can choose tinted if you prefer a little color.  I like to carry a multi-use moisture stick so that I can also apply it under my eyes, around my cuticles, and on any other place that might be feeling extra flaky and tight.
  • Avoid mascara as well as any other heavy eye makeup. If you happen to doze off during your flight, you could wake up with a serious case of raccoon eyes that might be difficult to remove in that tiny airplane bathroom.

Just before I debark the plane, I usually add a touch of blush to my cheeks and concealer under my eyes to make sure that I look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for wherever I am headed!

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