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Spend Versus Save: Skincare

Woman exfoliating face with cleansing product

Choosing good quality skincare can be an expensive proposition, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can economize on certain parts of your regimen and splurge on others.

Spend – Yes, there are certainly expensive options for anything.  But here are a few of the highlights where it usually pays to spend.

  • Especially if I am economizing on my cleanser and my moisturizer, I tend to spend a little more on my treatments. Whether that is a serum or an eye cream, I typically prefer the texture and active ingredients of the higher-end brands.
  • I also think that exfoliators are a great place to spend a little more. You can choose a peel or a granular scrub, whichever you prefer, but I find that I like the results of the mostpricey brands.

Save – There really are certain products that you can save on that will still deliver the results you are looking for.

  • The number one place to save your skincare budget is on your cleanser. This product stays on your face for so little time that (a) active ingredients rarely have time to make a difference and (b) you are literally rinsing your money down the drain.
  • Body wash and body lotion are other great places to save a few bucks. Unless you just have to have a specific fragrance, a good basic wash and moisturizer can be found on the aisles of any drugstore.
  • I know that I am a huge proponent of sunscreen, but it is a good place to save as well. Most formulas are available in the SPF you are looking for and when you have spent less than $10 versus spending $50, you are considerably more likely to use the proper amount to get the protection that your skin needs.






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