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Do It Yourself Masks And Scrubs

Woman applying a face mask

Did you know that the secret to a better complexion might be hiding in your kitchen? If you are fed up with the lack of results from commercial products, try mixing your own!

  • The Sunny Avocado Mask-  from Annmarie Gianni is wonderful for skin that needs extra moisture. It combines half of an avocado, a fourth of a banana, and a tablespoon of sunflower meal.
  • The Almond Oil Body Scrub- To buff everything from the neck down, try mixing your own body scrub such as the lovely Almond Oil Body Scrub from Mondo Skincare. It starts with half a cup of almond oil and one cup of your preferred salt. Add vitamin E oil and the scented oil of your choice. If you prefer, you could also use sugar instead of salt.
  • The Peach Mask- In the summer, Texas is full of fresh peaches. For a delicious-smelling face mask, try the Peach Mask from Mondo Skincare which mixes a mashed fresh peach with warm olive oil to create a paste.
  • The Lemon Sugar Scrub- I’m a sucker for almost anything lip-related, and a homemade lip scrub is just fun! I love the scent and taste of the Lemon Sugar Scrub recipe at Pink Pistachio. It is a teaspoon each of coconut oil and raw honey, two tablespoons of granulated sugar, and a dash of lemon juice.
  • The Lavender Calendula Skin Balm- Moisturizers can be a little more difficult, but worth the effort! The Lavender Calendula Skin Balm from Mindful Momma is a beautiful skin-friendly mixture of beeswax, cocoa butter discs, calendula oil, sweet almond oil, and lavender essential oil. Doesn’t that sound heavenly for dry skin just about anywhere!

For me, the best part of homemade goodies is being able to customize them. If you are sensitive to a particular ingredient or prefer a different scent, then make it your own!

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