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What Do I Pack For An Out Of Town Wedding?

Women traveling with a suitcase.

There are plenty of lists for what a bride (and groom) needs to pack if they are hosting a destination wedding. But what about the guests’ packing list? Packing to attend an out-of-town wedding can be complicated as well, when you consider all of the events that normally surround such a celebration.

I am in a wedding in October and have already started working on my list. I will travel both ways in comfortable clothes, and since there are no events on that Thursday evening, I do not have to worry much about that one.

On Friday we have a bridal party lunch followed by pedicures, and then Saturday is preparation and wedding and reception. Lunch will be casual, and I have to remember flip-flops for the pedicure. For this particular event, there is a casual rehearsal dinner, so I will need a cute outfit for that as well. On Saturday, if I plan to get my hair professionally styled, I have to remember a button-down shirt which a lot of people might forget about! There is also the bridesmaid’s dress and shoes and jewelry. And you also never know what the weather will be or how intense the air conditioning will be, so I plan to pack my black pashmina wrap so I do not freeze.

while I normally use a vacation as an excuse let my skin go makeup-free, being a wedding attendant is not exactly the best scenario. The makeup kit I have put together includes BB cream with SPF to cover my bases, concealer because you just never know, blush, powder, eye makeup, waterproof mascara, and long-lasting lipstick. Just to be safe, I will also include Q-tips, cotton balls, and hairspray which I never use.

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