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Do You Travel with Makeup and What Do You Take?

Woman applying lipstick in a park

Do you travel with your full face of makeup, or do you let your skin have the week off from bronzer and blush and concealer?  For most people, it probably depends on the trip itself.  If you have a business conference, you will more than likely be carrying makeup with you.  If you are off to hike the Rocky Mountains, you may only want extra sunscreen. Here are three different levels of traveling with makeup, and the potential corresponding trips that coincide.

  • None Whatsoever – This is a bit drastic but if you are backpacking through Thailand, makeup just does not make sense. Personally, I like the idea of giving my skin a break from the normal routine of concealer and mineral powder.  Just back your cleanser, your sunscreen, and your moisturizer, and you are ready to go.
  • Minimal – Realistically, this is probably where most people fall. Perhaps a tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a lip color that can double as blush.  My own minimal routine is a tinted moisturizer with SPF, a concealer pencil, and some kind of lip and cheek color.  I like to get my lashes tinted before I take a trip, so that takes care of my eyes.
  • Full Makeup Kit – You take absolutely everything you wear on a normal basis. This is the most likely option if you travel for business or on a cruise where you plan to attend the formal nights.

Just remember, even if you travel with a full face of makeup, you can still downsize using travel sizes, samples, and the wonderful contacts lens case.  If you haven’t used a contacts case before, they hold a perfect amount of liquid or cream for about one week or so, depending on your personal use.

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