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Is a 33-Item Wardrobe Realistic?

Woman taking out a dress from her wardrobe

The 33-item (or 30-item) wardrobe has become a huge minimalist trend. Paring down your closet to a mere thirty-three items? It sounds quite horrific for most of us. But just how realistic is this idea?

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you have been tempted but are nervous to pare down that drastically.

  • Keep in mind that the initiator of Project 33, Courtney from Be More With Less, recommends a 33-item wardrobe per season (every 3-month time period). That means that your winter sweaters do not compete with your summer shorts for space in your minimized closet. That is already helpful!
  • There will be items that overlap, so they count as one item per season. For example, if you carry the same black purse to work year-round, it would count as one of your items for each season.
  • It is up to you whether you want to count accessories or shoes. Personally, I don’t include scarves and necklaces but I do count shoes. If you want to stretch your count of 33, do not include them, and they can definitely change up the wardrobe.
  • Normally not included are undergarments, sleepwear, lounge wear, and workout wear (provided that you actually use workout clothing for working out!).

While I do not adhere strictly to the 33-item “rule”, I have significantly cleaned out my closet.  For example, I had one pair of brown work slacks and one pair of brown shoes to go with them. When I stopped to think about it, it did not make sense since all of my other skirts and slacks were black, gray, or a variation thereof. So to Goodwill they went!

Just remember, the best rule of the project is that it is completely up to you.

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