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Wedding Time – Makeup For The Bridal Party

Three beautiful bridesmaid

For a bride, there is no day in her life that she wants to look better than on her wedding day. But her attendants want to look their best as well! After all, their glow will say they are excited to share her special day!

The most important factor in wedding day makeup, even for the bridesmaids, is long-wearing makeup. Considering that most of the attendants will probably get ready around ten o’clock in the morning and the reception could easily last until ten in the evening, that is twelve hours of looking camera-ready!

In addition to the makeup bag contents, make sure that you have a small clutch to carry powder and lipstick. These are the most likely touch-ups and you will want them close at hand.

let’s get packing!

  • Face Primer – The first thing that should touch your skin will also ensure a long wear from anything you put on top.
  • Eye Primer – Same as with the face primer, an eye primer will help anything last all day.
  • BB Cream – To even out the skin tone, preferably with SPF if any of the events are outdoors.
  • Concealer – Because you just never know when the surprise blemish or dark circle will pop up on the day.
  • Cheek and Lip Stain – Apply this over any cream products and under any powder products. You can also add lipstick or lip gloss on top of the stain, but should it wear off, the stain will help keep color.
  • Powder – Let the bride shine, not your nose.
  • Eyeshadow/Eyeliner – Depending on the look you are going for, sometimes waterproof tightline eyeliner could be all you need.
  • Mascara – Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof. That is all.

And don’t forget your makeup remover to wipe it all clean that night!

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