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What are the Types of Eyeliners?

Woman applying eyeliner

Just when you thought selecting a color was difficult enough, we also have the formulations to consider.  The combination can be staggering!  Let’s visit some of the basic eyeliner formulas and types.

  • Pencil – The pencil type is usually the easiest to work with and the most straightforward to learn. The technique can vary widely, but it is basically a line of color against your lash line.
  • Powder (loose or pressed) – Powders are also very easy to work with, in my opinion. Loose powders always have a higher risk of mess, regardless of whether it is an eyeshadow or a blush.  They work similarly to the pencil, except that you can use them wet or dry.
  • Creams and gels – Now we’re getting a little fancier. These usually come in tiny pots and are applied with a variety of brushes.  This has recently become my go-to since I have been practicing my tight lining.  I believe the best brush for applying these is a small square flat top brush so you can wiggle the color in between the lashes.  That said, I still prefer to travel with a pencil since the cream/gel would have to go in my 3-1-1 and I also have to pack the brush.
  • Liquid – If pencils are the freshman class (making powders the sophomores and gels / creams the juniors), this leaves liquid liners as the seniors of the school. I have yet to perfect using these without looking absolutely ridiculous.  I can never get my two eyes even and end up with way too much as I try to even them out.

So if you are a novice, start with pencils.  If you are ready to move up in the world, try one of the other formulas.  Save the liquid liners for near-graduation!

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