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Brand Review: L’Occitane

L'Occitane store
By Eduardo P, via Wikimedia Commons

L’Occitane is a Provence-based brand that’s available through their website and stores as well as other retailers like Sephora and Nordstrom. In addition to being known for their skincare and body care products, they also pride themselves on sustaining the communities which provide these ingredients. One of the best ways to explore the L’Occitane brand is by collection.

  • The Almond includes a beautiful shower oil as well as hand and body creams. It is one of the more popular scents.
  • Their Verbena set is also very popular, probably due to the citrusy fresh fragrance. The shampoo and conditioner are surprisingly universal for almost all hair types.
  • I am a huge fan of almost anything Lavender including theirs. Anything you pick from this line has that unmistakable fragrance of a fresh lavender field in the middle of the Provence countryside.
  • I’m not too familiar with their Immortelle anti-aging skincare line, but based on the body products I have used, it would be deeply nourishing and luxurious to use.
  • Their defining collections are the Shea Butter products. If you have heard of this brand, you probably heard of it through the shea butter. The shea butter soaps are wonderful as a hand soap. Two of my favorite products from the entire brand are the Shea Butter Ultra Rich Shower Cream (a delicious moisturizing shower wash) and the Pure Shea Butter which has more uses than I have discovered. I love carrying a little tin of this everywhere because you can use it everywhere. I mostly use it as a cuticle cream and a lip balm, but the only limit to the use of this little gift is your imagination.

They almost always have lovely discovery sets and free gifts when you are ready to experience this brand for yourself.

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