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How Do I Efficiently Pack for a Cruise?

Woman packing her bag

It is one particular struggle to fit a week’s worth of clothing and toiletries into a carry-on suitcase.  But it is a wholly different type of test if you are going on a cruise!  There are several unique challenges to packing for a cruise:

  • Flying – Despite your every effort to carry-on for most trips, you might be better off just planning to check a suitcase. Timewise, this will work best if you are flying in the night before, which is highly recommended.  If you’re flying on the day of the cruise, make sure to allow enough time to collect your checked baggage.
  • Hotel beforehand – If you are staying in a hotel the night before (which I highly recommend), pack a smaller separate bag with your clothes for that overnight. You really do not want to dig through your carefully packed main bag just for one change of clothing.  If you’re checking your main suitcase, just pack a tote bag with a change of clothing and your basic toiletries.
  • Multiple outfit changes – More than likely, you will need at least two outfits per day (one for your daytime activities and one for your evening dinner and activities). This amount of clothing can add up quickly!  Try to plan around re-wearing clothing.  You do not necessarily need an entire outfit for each evening meal in the dining room.  I usually pack one black skirt, one pair of black linen pants, and tops that will match both.  Don’t forget a wrap since those dining rooms can get quite chilly!

There are entire websites and blogs devoted to cruise packing so these are just a few highlights.  I love this method of travel so perhaps we can visit a few more tips in the future!

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