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Brand Review: Perfectly Posh

Lip scrub on table

Perfectly Posh is an independent consultant based company that focuses on natural ingredients without fillers.  They even have a wide selection of vegan options if you prefer!  Likewise, they are proud of the fact that their products are made in the U.S.A.  It is a relatively new brand, founded in 2011, but it growing fast.  The products are focused on fun and pampering.  Most of us do not have a free day to spend at the spa, but almost all of us can find a few minutes each day to renew ourselves mentally and physically.

I had the opportunity to try this brand at a Women’s Expo through one of their consultants, and I couldn’t leave without two of the goodies!  I ended up purchasing a mint lip scrub and the vanilla and orange scented Healer Skin Stick which is a lotion balm stick.  One of the reasons I love the lip scrub is that once you have massaged the product over your lips to remove the flaky skin, you can simply brush or lick off the sugar crystals and you are left with a nice moisturizing balm.  The balm stick is terrific to carry with me because I can use it to moisturize almost anything, from my cuticles to my lips to my flyaway hairs.

My next order will probably include the Daily Grind Snarky Bar which is an exfoliating soap bar and the Whole Lava Love Volcanic Ash Face Exfoliator just because I love all things scrubby.  I will probably also end up with the PJs All Day Skindelicious Body Butter as well because I love the scent of lavender in almost anything.

The products do seem to change on a regular basis so if you find a favorite, make sure to stock up.

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