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Dressing Your Truth Review

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Through a Google search that I can no longer remember specifically, I ended up at the Dressing Your Truth website. Signing up for the program netted me daily emails for about two weeks with videos. Admittedly, I did get a little behind. I tend to read sites and blogs more than watch videos, but they were surprisingly interesting. This online profiling series was free.

The entire premise behind this system is to dress for your personality type. According to Carol Tuttle (the founder of the program), there are four basic types of natural personalities and beauty types – called Energy Types. Most people have one that functions predominantly in their appearance and their personality. From the beginning, I was able to pretty well identify mine. Very few people are 100 percent one type; almost everyone at least has “touches” of the other types.

At the end of this free video series, the emails turned into sales pitches for the extended program. I opted not to pay the $99 price tag but apparently if I had, I would have netted access to more videos and their type-based store.

Some of the videos they sent were difficult to access; when I would click the link it would simply dump me onto their homepage. This issue ended up being frustrating to the point that I started just deleting the emails when I received them.

Overall, I’d say that the free videos about the different Energy Profiles were interesting and I did learn from them. But I’m not sure I would take the leap into the $99 membership. I also find It frustrating that everything is offered by video only, nothing seems to be in writing. So do sign up for the initial series, you might learn something about yourself!

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