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19 Amazing Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding couple with silver gifts

Remember the first date, the first kiss, the first time she moved in? We’re not talking about you! If your best friend, sibling, cousin, or co-worker has gone for the wedding plunge and wants to say “I do” in front of a hundred guests decked in gold and pink (hey, to each person their own), […]

Pre-wedding skin preparation

Bride with her bridesmaid.s

Getting your skin ready to glow is always in the best interest of the bride and her entire bridal party. Here are a few tips to making sure that you look your best on the big day, no matter which part you are playing! Any major skin treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion should […]

What Do I Pack For An Out Of Town Wedding?

Women traveling with a suitcase.

There are plenty of lists for what a bride (and groom) needs to pack if they are hosting a destination wedding. But what about the guests’ packing list? Packing to attend an out-of-town wedding can be complicated as well, when you consider all of the events that normally surround such a celebration. I am in […]

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Prospective brides from all over the world dream of their wedding day and donning a beautiful gown as they walk down the aisle. Weddings gowns are usually white and made with quite a lot of fabric. Traditionally, wedding gowns can be passed on from mother to daughter as long as it’s still in good condition. […]

Lovely Bridal Accessories to Look Like a Princess

There is one very special day for girls in their life and that is their wedding day. When else if not on the wedding day? It is the day to show the world who you really are. Bridal accessories especially should be chosen with care. Everything, the dress, shoes, hair should be in perfect harmony […]