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Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Prospective brides from all over the world dream of their wedding day and donning a beautiful gown as they walk down the aisle. Weddings gowns are usually white and made with quite a lot of fabric. Traditionally, wedding gowns can be passed on from mother to daughter as long as it’s still in good condition. Today, however, I’ve seen many different kinds of wedding gowns which are far from the traditional ones. Here are the things which differentiate modern wedding gowns from the more traditional ones.


Traditional wedding gowns usually have long trains. Modern ones still have a bit of length to them, but the more adventurous brides go for more revealing pieces like short and above the knee wedding gowns. Instead of long-sleeved gowns which cover a lot of skin, today’s wedding gowns are generally more revealing. Usually, the tops are tube or halter and revealing some cleavage is acceptable.


Wedding gowns are almost always white—even up to now. There are now more fashionable pieces which come in other colors though! White traditionally symbolizes purity, but in today’s fashion forward world, colorful gowns have become trendy. There are those which just add a pop of color, while some are really bold and solid colored pieces. The most common colors aside from white are blush pink, apricot, and champagne.


Back in the olden days, wedding gowns are usually made of just one big piece although there may be a corset or petticoat underneath. Today, modern gowns have edgier designs by having two pieces instead of just one. These pieces complement each other and when taken as a whole, have a very flattering effect. Some have cropped tops which show the waist, others have cuts on the sides for some skin exposure.

There are now plenty of styles to choose from and since the people of today are more accepting of such changes, more and more brides are trying out non-traditional wedding gowns. I hope you get some ideas for your very own gown from reading this post and that it turns out to be the wedding dress of your dreams!

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