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Colors to Cover Grey Hair

I am yet to experience dealing with grey hair first hand, but I know from my mother that it can be tough hiding the greys when they start appearing. It’s easier for blondes to conceal it because of their lighter hair color, but brunettes would be struggling to hide grey hair in their dark-colored mane. One effective way of covering grey hair is through hair color. That’s actually what my mom does, and she has tried different colors to see which one hides the grey better. I have here some recommendations for you:

  • Light browns – Light browns are perfect for covering grey hair because they can work for any hair color. You can change your brunette, blonde, or even ginger hair to light brown and effectively hide the grey while also giving yourself a new look. Going for light brown highlights can also make the grey blend in even without dying everything.
  • Blonde – Going blonde is a good way to hide grey hair because blonde hair reflects light better. This means that you will look younger and the grey hair won’t be noticeable at all. I recommend this for those with lighter hair color so that there won’t be any complicated treatments to make the blonde color to stick to your hair.
  • Black – If you so happened to be looking for a way to make yourself look more mature, but not old as in “grey,” you might want to consider going for a very dark hair color. I don’t recommend this for those who don’t intend to go back to the salon for a long time though. As your natural hair color grows, you will need to have them retouched to make the dark color look prominent. You don’t want to end up with hair that looks black all over but grey at the roots.

Covering grey hair need not be troublesome, and I’m sure that with the right hair color you can hide it so that you will appear to be aging gracefully. However, if you’re not a fan of dyeing, I suggest that you wear your hair color, including the grey ones, proudly. You’ve gained years of knowledge along with those grey hairs, after all.

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