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How to Choose False Lashes

If you’re one of those women who aren’t satisfied with the thickness or length of their eyelashes, one simple solution is to glue on some false lashes! Thick lashes can define your eyes without the use of makeup, and can make you look more awake, too. However, with many different styles to choose from, how do you choose false lashes? I suggest you choose lashes based on the shape of your eyes! Here are some easy tips to follow:

  • If you have round eyes, your peepers may benefit from long lashes that fan upwards. Something that isn’t too thick would do. Too thick might actually look a bit strange and too superficial.
  • If your eyes are a bit small, then you can go for those that are a bit thicker. Go for medium length and something that also goes upward.
  • For those who have close-set eyes, consider getting falsies that have wider outer edges. This can balance out your eyes and would make them look as if they’re a bit farther apart.
  • Almond-shaped eyes look great with almost any kind of false lashes! To play up the beauty of your eye shape more, try and attach false eyelashes only on the outer edges. A bit of cutting would be alright, and this would help accentuate the cat-like shape of your eyes.
  • Girls who have monolids can also have a lot of options. Widely spaced eyelashes look dainty while thicker falsies can be more dramatic on monolids. Be careful about using very long falsies though, as they might look a bit overbearing.
  • If you have hooded or deep set eyes, don’t be scared to try out those falsies that are longer. These can make your eyes look more awake without looking fake.
  • If your eyes are wide set, go for false eyelashes that are thicker around the middle. Thicker lashes with medium length can help balance out the distanced look of your eyes.

Try out some false eyelashes and see which ones look best on you. Remember that you can cut them when needed, and you can adjust these pieces to your desired lengths!

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