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Pre-wedding skin preparation

Bride with her bridesmaid.s

Getting your skin ready to glow is always in the best interest of the bride and her entire bridal party. Here are a few tips to making sure that you look your best on the big day, no matter which part you are playing! Any major skin treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion should […]

Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips and Inspiration

Make your wedding ceremony unforgettable and make your guests enjoy each moment of the great day. Organize interesting things and pay attention to each detail. Discover eco-friendly wedding tips and inspiration and opt for some of the best ones on your wedding day. Choose Eco-Invitations Creating memorable invitations is one of the eco-friendly wedding tips […]

Wedding Style Trends 2014

You may wear your chosen wedding dress, which is not among the trendy ones. What refers to other items, you had better be in the latest trend. If you want your wedding day to be unforgettable, consider the best wedding style trends 2014. Amaze your guests with trendy innovations: chose exclusive invitations and other wedding […]

Lovely Bridal Accessories to Look Like a Princess

There is one very special day for girls in their life and that is their wedding day. When else if not on the wedding day? It is the day to show the world who you really are. Bridal accessories especially should be chosen with care. Everything, the dress, shoes, hair should be in perfect harmony […]

Small Details that Make Up The Perfect Rusting Wedding

Rustic weddings are one of the cutest wedding styles that one might opt for the big wedding day! In fact, as you’ve probably noticed by now rustic weddings become more and more popular as the time passes! So, considering the so-called rustic wedding trend, we decided to present you few inspiring small details that can […]