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Wedding Style Trends 2014

You may wear your chosen wedding dress, which is not among the trendy ones. What refers to other items, you had better be in the latest trend. If you want your wedding day to be unforgettable, consider the best wedding style trends 2014. Amaze your guests with trendy innovations: chose exclusive invitations and other wedding accessories for this great day.

Tiny and Amazing Invitations

Replace big-sized invitations with tiny and interesting ones. Your guests will be amazed if you create exclusive invitations and ask a designer for help instead of choosing something from the magazines. You may also paint something on the invitations together with your sweetie.

Organize a Reception with Black Ties

It is one of the wedding style trends 2014, that you should follow. Black tie reception is appealing and amazing. Wearing dinner jackets and gloves, your wedding day will be unmemorable.

Connect Engagement Ring with Wedding Ring

Such great celebrities as Diane Kruger and Emily Maynard follow the latest trend and wear a precious engagement ring with a wedding one. Pulling off this splendid jewelry is not only trendy for 2014 but also gorgeous.

Various Dresses for Bridesmaids

It isn’t easy to find the same dress for each bridesmaid. You had better follow another wedding style trend 2014 and choose various dresses. Opt for various shades of one color and add the same elements. In this way, your bridesmaids will have interesting and eye-catching looks.

Organize an After-Party

After-party is one of the best wedding style trends 2014. Couples take part in this after-party and dance without changing the place of the ceremony. Switch on various types of music and enjoy the wedding party with the new married.

Amazing Wedding Cake

Impressing your guests with your wedding cake is very essential. You should be very creative and make your wedding cake with various textures. Adorn it with ruffles and frills and your wedding day will be in the latest trend of 2014.

Special Service Proper to Your Family

As for the wedding food, you may also go for the best wedding style trend 2014. Offer a special service, which is proper to your family. It will make the whole atmosphere cordial, breaking the ice between the guests.

Arrange the Flowers in an Asymmetrical Order

As for decorating your tables and arranging the flowers, you may go for an asymmetrical order, which is the wedding style trend 2014. Be more creative and adorn your tables and doorways with asymmetrical flowers.

Embellish Your Phone Charging Station

If you want to organize something trendy for your wedding, you had better embellish your phone charging station. It is one of the latest wedding style trends 2014.

Enjoy your wedding party adding several wedding style trends 2014. Make your guests remember your wedding ceremony forever.

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