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How to Wear Mid-Cropped Culottes

Watching the trend of wearing mid-cropped culottes making its big comeback as a new trend for this spring 2014 a question immediately pops out in our mind: how to wear them now? Well, my dear fashionistas for considering your interests once again we decided to present to you few tips that will help you to wear the mid-cropped culottes in a way completely corresponding to the fashion trends of this spring 2014! So, to find out, simply follow reading below!

Thus, what you need to know first of all when it comes to wearing mid-cropped culottes is that there is no chance to fail the new trend as long as the option that you opted for works the best with your silhouette.  As for the textures and the prints on the other side there are so many options suggested by our beloved designers that it becomes actually kind of hard to concentrate on one. However if you are looking for an option that will add a timeless classy touch to your look we suggest you to go for neutral colors while for a modern sophisticated style floral prints would be a great alternative!

Now no matter what alternative you’ll stick with it is important to know how to wear mid-cropped culottes. One of the easiest ways to show off the new fashion trend is to create a casual-chic look by combining a pair of high-waisted mid-cropped culottes with a classy shirt, tucked in and a belt.  Another easy and gorgeous look can be created by combining a pair of mid-cropped culottes with a crop top and a street style jacket.

Of course for a bold look the best combinations will be made with oversized jackets, slouchy blouses and perfectly sewed sleek mid-cropped culottes.

Thus, whichever option you decide to stick with one thing is sure: an outstanding runway look is guaranteed due to the big comeback of the mid-cropped culottes!

Images: Fashionising

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