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How to Style Flowing Rock-Chic Hair

The rock ‘n’ roll style was famous even in the 80s and 90s centuries. At the show of Versace spring/summer 2014, you are offered the trend of flowing rock-chic hair, which is created on the models’ splendid tresses.

This rock-chic hairstyle includes both feminine and masculine elements in it. Great stylist Guido Palau shows you how to style flowing rock-chic hair for spring 2014.

Create Guido Palau’s Flowing Rock-Chic Hair

1.    For this rock-chic hair, your tresses should be clean. Guido recommends rinsing your tresses with a right shampoo. Then you are advised to condition your locks.

2.    You should use a volume-enhancing mousse on your wet tresses and wait until they become completely dry. It helps you create the desired natural volume. You may also go for a texture-enhancing spray and spread it both on your hair roots and on ends to achieve fantastic results.

3.    Then middle section your hair and brush it, using a comb, having wide teeth. It will define your hair without touching its volume.

4.    Increase the volume of your tresses, using dry shampoo. You may also opt for a special hair powder with a volume-enhancing feature.

5.    Finally, if your locks are not curly yet, you may use a curling tool and make them a little wavy.


Following these effortless steps, you will achieve a divine look, styling flowing rock-chic hair. To complete your rock ‘n’ roll look, match your hairstyle with the right outfits and accessories.

The flowing rock-chic hair is your key to a gorgeous and amazing look. Style this astounding hairstyle and have a rocky and chic look for the coming season.

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