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Small Details that Make Up The Perfect Rusting Wedding

Rustic weddings are one of the cutest wedding styles that one might opt for the big wedding day! In fact, as you’ve probably noticed by now rustic weddings become more and more popular as the time passes! So, considering the so-called rustic wedding trend, we decided to present you few inspiring small details that can help you make up the perfect rusting wedding style! Thus, take a look!

Rustic Cute Little Jars

Grab a simple jar, add interesting designing details such as cute fabrics, tea lights, floral stems or any other thing that you want and find corresponding to the main theme of your wedding and create a cute DYI Rustic decoration that will impress all your guests!

Creative Rustic Centerpiece

Another great idea that will motivate you to create the perfect rustic centerpiece is the one of making a cute DYI rustic terrarium! Thus, grab a regular fish ball, place in it a little sand, few rocks and plants and prove everyone your arts and crafts skills!

Rustic Eye-catching Jars

Looking for an idea to create a DYI rustic centerpiece that will leave everyone speechless? Well, it’s a lot easier that you think it is! All you have to do is create old looking rustic water pitchers , add in some flowers and whoila!

Rustic Branch

For those of you who want to take the whole rustic idea to the maximum we suggest to simply use rustic branches to form a long table and create a decoration that will leave an unforgettable impact top all guests!

Pine Cones

Pine cones can serve as one of the best outdoor elements when it comes to rustic wedding designs especially for fall season! Thus, use as many of them as you want and make interesting vase decorations that will steal everyone’s attention!

Decorating Logs

Another creative idea that once your guests notice will simply love! Use long tree logs designed with cute flowers that will easily create a romantic atmosphere and decorate your tables in an interesting way that will leave everyone speechless!

Silver Lanterns

Well, what else can ensure the needed romantic atmosphere if not a vintage inspired lantern with few interesting designs? Thus, use any elements of your preference to design a regular silver lantern and create that needed outdoor rustic feel!

Table Numbers

Another interesting wedding detail to work on can be the table numbers! So, to not disappoint your guests but the opposite leave them speech-less with your designing skills use this unique way to show the table numbers to them! Grab regular jars, decorate it with a cute fabric, add a little sand in it and paint the table number in it! You can also paint the table numbers on a piece of plastic or a rock and put it inside the jar and take the whole rustic effect to a whole another level!

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