Super-Classy Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Julia Stiles with short blonde hair

Retro style is something that never gets old. Even nowadays, you can see the modern fashion mixed with retro style, which is too elegant, classic, and it gives an amazing look to a real lady. Retro style is connected not only with dresses but also it is a hair style. In this article, we are going to open a new look for you of having an outstanding hairstyle using both retro and modern styles.

Retro Finger Waves

In the 20s, it was very modern to have finger waves. When you look at old photographs, at that period of time, you would certainly see each woman wearing that hairstyle. This style came to the fashion in the 50s also, as Marilyn Monroe had finger waves. This is modern nowadays too, you just can add the accent of modernism to this retro style by rocking the waves loosely, you can make them look fresh, soft and elegant. It is modern now, because you can make finger waves less structured than they were years ago.

Super-Classy Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Retro Scarf Updo

The other connection between retro and modern times is the scarf on your head. It has become very popular to have colorful scarves holding the hair. Back in retro times, scarves were not colorful, or you could hardly find scarves with different prints. So the main difference is a big variety of scarves nowadays. For each dress you can find an appropriate scarf, and you will look like a retro girl in modern times.

Super-Classy Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Teased Side Ponytail

Teased side pony comes from the 60s. It is when you are teasing your hair from above. The only change you can do, for not looking not appropriate to our times, is to tease less. And your gorgeous look will be ready.

Super-Classy Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Retro Short Hairstyles

Short hair is the addiction of the nowadays young generation. The amount of women who want to have short hair becomes more and more. This style comes from the times of Audrey Hepburn. For making short hair look modern you can wear it with a little flair. Putting different colors on the borders of your hair is also a good solution of having a stylish look.

Super-Classy Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Retro Wavy Bob

Wavy bob is the hairstyle of the 60s. This style is something everlasting. It looks beautiful in each period of time. Now, if you want to make it more modernistic, never use any gel, just let the waves be loose and soft.

Super-Classy Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Retro Twisted Updo

When you have your hair rolled back, it will give you a classy, elegant, pretty look. If you want to make this style more modern, be sure that you have rolled your hair not very tight, and that’s it.

Super-Classy Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Retro Double Buns

Back to the 90s, you might definitely have seen double buns. This style was very popular among pop artists and actresses. Until now, this style will give you a sophisticated look.

These are the tips we have prepared for you, but don’t forget you can be even more creative of mixing the styles of your own.

Super-Classy Vintage Hairstyles for Women

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