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Fall 2014 Trend Alert: Bold, Beautiful Colors!

When we imagine fall we think of leaves falling like confetti in beautiful oranges, reds, yellows and deep browns. We opt for brown boots and burnt orange sweaters reminiscent of Scooby-Doo’s Velma’s style. That’s great, because it’s a classic color scheme and there are many ways to wear it well. But guess what?

The usual autumn color palette is going to feature a few BOLD colors during Fall 2014 because they dominated runways in a huge way during last season’s premiere of Fall 2014 fashion from the most prestigious designers like Kenzo, Rag & Bone, Proenza Schoeler (which may be bought by LVMH), Dior and Ralph Lauren! You’ll be pairing your khakis with daring fuschias, canary yellows, electrifying blues and deep violets! Just because spring time and summer are over don’t mean we can’t take a few warm weather tokens with us! Check out these awesome fashion pieces in bold hues:

These bold, bright and beautiful colors really give Fall 2014’s fashion more personality and vibrancy. Bold colors are so exciting and inviting! You’ll be the person with a personality that everyone wants to experience in your sunshine yellow like Kate Walsh in her lovely Stephan Rolland dress for the 2014 Emmy’s! And what about television’s own KeKe Palmer in her bright royal blue gown! She looked calm and elegant–the same characteristics you’ll want to exhibit during your day-to-day style life! And red? Well, who doesn’t like to see fire engine red sometime throughout the day? Whether it be plump and flawlessly painted red lips or a beautifully cascading red dress, it’s a color that’s never out of season.

Here are 2 fashion tips to help you master bold colors this fall and any other season you’d like:

1. Pair it with nude tones or shades of white, gray or black

Bold colors can often be in bad taste depending on where you wear it and what you wear it for. For example, if you’re going to a  job interview, maybe you want to opt for an LBD instead of attempting to color block your way into the job. Colors are beautiful but may represent arrogance if done at the inappropriate time or place. And what about that first date with someone new? You want to WOW him, but you do not want to overdose him. Check out this look down below that involves a shade of gray and a few bold color options with shoes.

2. Color Block!

Now, when you’re heading out on the town with the girls for an fun evening party, on that second date or attending a movie screening? Well, you’ve got free reign over the colors you choose so color block your way with style! Don’t understand what it means to color block? I’ve got you covered! Color blocking is a styling method that incorporates solid colors in patches throughout the look. It usually follows a color scheme of hues that complement one another. Check out 2 styling examples down below.

These are 2 vintage styles incorporating the same color blocking method! The one on the left is the 60’s shift dress and the look on the right is more modern with the top but features a peplum skirt which is a style from the early 1800’s! Step out in these looks to be on trend with your bold colors yet stylishly delivering a blast from the past!

Which color block look would YOU try for Fall 2014’s bold colors trend?

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