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Fall 2014 Trend Alert: 60’s Inspired Fashion!

We remember the 60’s for super cool automobiles, the turbulent Civil Rights movement, Johnny Cash tunes and Julie Andrews singing sweetly as Mary Poppins! But that fun era also inspired some of the awesome fashions we rock today! The 60’s are BACK for Fall 2014 so you’ve got to know which pieces to shop for and how to style them to perfection! Some of them, you didn’t even know originated in the 60’s! Check out 4 great tips for incorporating this fiery era into your daily fashion statements and how to modernize the look!

#1 The Easiest 60’s inspired item to find will be the messenger bag

The beautiful leather cross body messenger bag will be the easiest to locate in retails stores and incorporate into any of your daily ensembles. This is because purses from various time periods tend to remain relevant long after the other fashion items from that era have expired. Another that has outlasted all time constraints is the signature knitted Chanel bag with the gold chain. Wear this bag with any simple dress or all-black outfit!

#2 Search for the square silhouette in your clothing items

The square silhouette  (whether found in a dress or skirt set like the one above) is DEFINITELY the detail that will instantly remind people of the wonderful 60’s era. Though this show began at the 60’s end in 1969, think  of The Brady Bunch’s ‘Jan and Marsha’ dresses. More angular skirts have appeared in retail stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Top Shop! I haven’t spotted many skirt sets at brick-and-mortar locations but the online world will pick up where retail stores lack so peruse through the e-racks!

#3 Incorporate edgier pieces

Remember: This is a 60’s-inspired look and not a 60’s look. You want to wear an ensemble reminiscent of the 60’s without looking dated. This is where your modern pieces come into play. Pair your square skirt with a leather top. Wear rockstud heels with your collared 60’s dresses! Wear denim with the 60’s-inspired flats that have been so popular! The key to a bombshell look is to mix the traditional pieces in with those currently trending on the market.

#4 Incorporate ‘Blast from the Past’ Pieces from Other Eras

Another way to revive the 60’s style without appearing to lack taste or fashion forwardness is to mix eras! Mix a 60’s skirt set with a 90’s pair of Doc Martens. Wear your 60’s flats with a leather jacket and tulle skirt from the 80’s! Wear your 60’s inspired collared dress with a spicy pair of Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots! Get creative!

Styling example:

This look features a 60’s inspired dress, a currently trending ear cuff, a 70’s/80’s leather jacket and currently trending Jeffrey Campbell platform ankle boot! Neutralize your hairstyle by going with a simple bun, which transcends all seasons and fashion eras and for the extra va-va-voom and go with a popping red lip! This look is smart, sassy and extremely fun to execute! It’s the perfect way to incorporate the 60’s look without appearing overly outdated!

Which styling method would YOU utilize to take your closet back to the 60’s in a fabulously modern way this fall?


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