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Why Anderson Cooper is the Perfect Man

Ladies looking for the perfect man would often give out different requirements and lament how the perfect man just doesn’t exist. These are the ladies that have no idea that Anderson Cooper exists in this world because I think that despite coming out as gay, he is still the kind of man that women should aspire to. He is just so darn dreamy that I actually watch CNN for him and him alone at times.

Reasons Why Anderson Copper is Perfect

  • That hair and those eyes – Whenever I see Anderson Copper on TV, I always stare for like 5 seconds and just marvel at the utter perfection of the man. First there is that excellently cut silver hair (hence the nickname “Silver Fox”) and those twinkling blue eyes. Yes, I am a massive fan and don’t you forget it!
  • He is quotable – He came out with a book and in it are so many wonderful and quotable lines that can be easily pertain to everyday life. One line from his book that I love is this: “Hope is not a plan.”
  • He loves his TV – There is nothing quite like being with a man that loves TV shows. It just means you two can stay in and have fun while he regales you with his TV show knowledge. Ladies, Anderson Copper watches everything from Legal Housewives to Breaking Bad and that just adds to his appeal.
  • He is game – He agreed to be part of the “Stefon” skit in SNL which means that despite being an award winning journalist (and all around perfect human being) he isn’t afraid to let loose and poke fun at himself.
  • He is hard-working and humble – You know the Vanderbilts? Yes, THE Vanderbilts? Well, Anderson Cooper just so happens to be Vanderbilt (son of Gloria Vanderbilt) and unlike other rich kids that live off their family names and fortune, he chose to carve his own path.

In recent news, Anderson Cooper saved a child in a foreign country where he was reporting and that just made him even more perfect if such is possible. This man just doesn’t stop at being amazing, does he?

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