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Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Over 50

Father and son outdoors

Celebrating Father’s Day is an annual affair. As June rolls around, it is time to pick the perfect present for the old man. For dads who are over 50, we have a list of ideal gifts. Check out our top 5 picks below:

  • As Bobby Fischer once said, “Chess demands total concentration.” Challenge your old man to a friendly match with a marble chess set. Not only will it keep his wits sharp, you’ll learn a thing or two about strategy too!
  • Knead to ease those aching joints and muscles? Body ache complaints are common among the elderly. But, you can help alleviate his back aches and pamper good old dad with a shiatsu massage cushion.
  • Golf is as much a social activity as it is a full body workout. To stave off physical limitations and improve mental health, we recommend gifting dear dad a complete golf set. Now, he can tee off the course with his friends any time of the week to stay active!
  • Let’s face it, the aging process also brings about weight gain and other ailments. A gift of Fitbit Flex Wristband this Father’s Day would be your ingenious way to keep track of his vital signs and activity. After all, health is wealth!
  • Our generation might not have the penchant for penmanship, thanks to technology. In fact, the need for pens are almost eliminated. Rest assured, your old man would be sure to appreciate the gift of a sophisticated fountain pen.

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