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What To Pack for Your Summer Adventrures

Woman hiking in green forest

No matter where your summer travels take you, you’ll need to pack smartly.

One thing to know about packing for a cruise, is that you will typically need more than one outfit per day. Rarely will you wear the same thing to lay by the pool during the daytime and to the sit-down restaurant that night. Here are a few brilliant suggestions from various websites that are amazingly helpful:

  • A hanging shoe organizer can be wonderful to help organize your small items in the limited closet space.
  • A hanging toiletry bag such as the Eagle Creek Wallaby will make you a favorite guest of your cabin steward.
  • Here are a few small but extremely handy items to have along: extra passport photos, address labels for postcards, and a short extension cord.

As a child, I grew up hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Here are a few lessons I learned early and they still stick with me:

  • Always hike in long pants. You never know what unfriendly plants you might encounter or when the weather will change mid-day.
  • Your backpack should always include plenty of water and body-fueling snacks such as trail mix (hence the name) and dried fruit. Don’t fret about the weight, it will get lighter as you consume!
  • It’s always a smart idea to take a waterproof layer, even if the day starts off clear. In the Rockies you just never know when a summer storm will move in and unload rain or even snow on you.

Even an urban environment such as New York requires planned packing:

  • A silk scarf folds into almost nothing and can dress up any outfit.
  • Comfortable shoes are a must if you plan to walk for any of your sightseeing.

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