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Fall 2014 Trend Alert: ‘Sheer’ is Still Here!

Fall 2014 is kicking off in high gear with various trends of new and old! Some trends came directly from this summer and will endure this fall and the upcoming winter! The ‘sheer’ trend is one of them so if you didn’t find yourself gravitating to this detail on garments in the retail stores, then you might want to go back to your favorite store with a renewed eye! Last year’s Fall 2014 runways featured ‘sheer’ garments almost as much as they featured the yearly appearance of the classic black and white pieces!

Style Guide: Sheer's still All Fall!


This Nina Ricci dress is super  daring and beautiful and features a lace look that gives you a clear view into the world of the undergarments. Fortunately and unfortunately, the regular fashionistas using the sidewalks and elevators as their runways don’t have the luxury of an unapologetic display of Victoria’s Secrets–unless of course your day job is modeling for Victoria’s Secret! For us regular Janes, we’ve got to demonstrate a bit more style couth so I’ve selected three other garments that show you how to come into your own with sheer without revealing your panty brand!  Below are 3 key tips for mastering this Fall 2014 trend!

1. The high-low skirt is over-rated and over-worn

I know you have at least one hanging in your closet! I own 2 or 3. I know you love the way it cascaded over the attached skirt and flowed with the wind this summer as you strutted across your work or school campus. But this look is dead. It’s a repeat song on a disc that is skipping, so skip this trend and do something a little more memorable! Go for sheer pants like those above or the Givenchy pair Kim Kardashian wore to London Fashion Week a few days ago. People don’t expect that as much. You want to stand out–even with the latest trends that everyone flocks to!

2. Select the right fabric

All sheer garments aren’t meant to be sheer. The ones that aren’t are just cheap and won’t last beyond 10 wash cycles. Invest in your fashion future by choosing quality sheer fabric. Go with ‘chiffon’ or ‘organza’ fabrics. Remember to examine your pieces for runs and sloppy stitching before you purchase because that says a lot about the fabric the company cared (or could afford) to use. Real fashionistas can see ‘cheap’ the same way they can spot ‘quality’: From a mile away. For some, it comes as natural as spelling your name. For others, spotting great (and terrible) fabric is a learned practice.

3. Too much sexy is not sexy at all

A young lady just submitted photos for another fashion blog to be critiqued by other fashionistas and well, let’s say one of the most frequent critiques was her over-indulgence in her sex appeal through her fashion. Every photo featured her cleavage and in one of the photos, she sported a transparent cream-colored crochet dress with black underwear. Not hot. It’s not every day that the public (aside from the average perv) sees or even wants to see exposed busts and lingerie at an inappropriate time. Leave a little to the imagination. I recommended that the young lady employ a bandeaux and shorts beneath her crochet dress to offer the same illusion while keeping a little to herself. She just e-mailed me yesterday to thank me and let me know she’d be taking my advice. Too much sexy is not sexy at all and you want to turn heads without attracting the wrong attention with the wrong intentions.


Sheer isn’t going away so try the trend out, using these styling tips as your guide!


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