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Combine Comfort and Style: How to Wear High Heels

The debate on whether women should go for comfort or for style rivals that of whether the chicken came first or the egg. This is particularly true when choosing shoes. Some women have no problems having busted feet as long as they get those million dollar legs even just for a few hours. On the other hand, some would rather get in trouble with the fashion police than endure the pain of scrunched toes and blistered feet. It’s like choosing whether you’re a Betty or a Veronica.

Since women can get pretty creative in the name of fashion, a lot of techniques have been developed to make wearing high heels easier to bear. Here are some simple tricks you can try:

Wear cushions or gel insoles.

If you cannot resist the urge of buying high heels without built-in pads, buy cushions and gel insoles. There are so many kinds of gel insoles available depending on which part of your feet hurt when using a particular pair of heels. There are ones that are made to cushion your toes, while others keep the balls of your feet in place. These insoles stick to your shoes, so they won’t slide around as you walk.

Use tape.

Supermodels swear by it! Simply tape your 3rd and 4th toes together using medical tape. This will lessen the risk of getting painful toes and is also helpful for achieving better balance. I have tried this techniquefor one of my most challenging pairs and it helped a lot.

Take smaller steps.

Yes, you’re busy, but if you’re wearing high heels, prepare to take baby steps. This might mean heading to work a few minutes earlier than you used to, but it’s a must if you want to avoid driving your calves crazy. Taking bigger steps puts more weight on your feet, and more weight means harder work that leads to aches and pains.

Have the most comfortable flats you own handy.

This is a must for emergency. When you feel like you really can’t stand on your high heels anymore and there’s no prince charming to carry you home, you can always rely on your trusty flip-flops or sneakers to save the night.

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