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Must-Have Makeup Brushes

There are so many kinds of makeup brushes that it has become difficult to tell which ones are important and which ones don’t deserve your hard-earned beauty budget. Whenever I visit makeup stores both online and offline, I feel the need to check out the makeup brush counter just because there’s always a cool new marketing strategy that catches my attention. It can be softer bristles, a better shape, a new feature. The urge to buy new makeup brushes that will only gather dust in my makeup kit is hard to resist.

If you’re a beginner in makeup and you can’t afford to waste money on blah brushes, you might want to consider these ones to start your collection:

Foundation Stippling Brush

There are so many ways to apply your foundation, but if you’re into the full coverage look sans the streaks, you need a good foundation stippling brush. This kind of brush has a flat top that you can use to stipple liquid foundation on your face. It may take a bit of practice to master how to use this makeup tool properly, but it will be worth it for the flawless result.

Angled Contour Brush

A good angled contour brush is important to achieve perfectly flushed cheeks. This type of brush comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose the perfect one for your face shape and features.

Eye Shader Brush

For most women, applying eye shadow is the most fun part of the makeup routine. This is where you really get to play with colors. However, having the perfect eye shader brush is important to achieve flawless results.

Dome Brush

This brush is perfect if you’re into nighttime eye makeup, particularly smokey eyes. It blends out color perfectly at the crease for a clean smokey effect. There are two kinds of dome brush, the first one is stiff and the other one is soft. It’s better to have both in your collection.

Power Brush

Every girl needs a large powder brush to set foundation with. This brush is designed to pick up more powder to cover bigger areas of the face. A good quality one has loosely packed bristles that can deposit enough setting powder or bronzer with just a few sweeps.

These are your essential makeup brushes, so what are you waiting for?

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