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Back into the Arch of Things

Woman tweezing eyebrows.

Perfecting the perfect arch is an absolute must to maximize your eye potential. With the right techniques and tools, any woman can have the luxurious eyebrows they dream about, elevating their overall sex appeal. The following guidelines will help to achieve the right look.

Rebuke Bushy Brows
When it comes to the heft of your brows, you definitely do not want to veer into the uni-brow, Frida Kahlo aesthetic. In order to maximize your brow game, this is the time to go to work with the tweezers, snipping away at the hairs that congregate towards the middle of your brow line. Usually, you can get the desired look you want with a slight trim as well, as tweezing should always be kept to a minimum.

Avoid Over-Tweezing!
All it takes are few too many plucks and women may end up with an unflattering look that may take months to repair. Avoid having a field day with your tweezers to avoid a worried or surprised look that could last longer than you anticipated. Conservative efforts on your brows will pay back in full over time. When in doubt, shave, don’t pluck!

Balanced Brows
Awkward brows can occur when one side is longer or shorter than the other. In order to avoid this unintentional look, measure appropriately from the sides of your face as well as your inner arch to achieve symmetry. If you are a novice, call on assistance from a friend or professional.

Arch Rules
In order to ensure that your brows don’t give off a perpetually angry look, remove only a few of the hairs from the top of your arch and remember to never trim from the top of it. Another tip to remember is to use a spooley brush to comb the inner part of your eyebrow, then trim any excess hairs that extend above the top. Follow these guidelines and you are sure to improve your brow game.

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