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24 Festive Nail Art Ideas

Gearing up for the holidays? This busy time of year keeps us all on the run, and sometimes we forget to do a little something for ourselves.

Make it a priority this year to ramp up or vamp up your style with nail art.

While you’re getting your party outfits and makeup together, don’t forget about the manicure. Nothing says polished like polished nails.Step it up this year with a little more bling and zing. Here are 24 ideas to get the festive look you’re going for.

Falling Fast

Glisten up! Fall is still here, so try out some bronze and plaid. Take this look to all of your favorite fall activities from spooky hayrides, hiking long trails, or cheering on your favorite football team.Not sure which shape nail is the best for you? Start with the traditional oval-shaped nail. This looks good on everyone, regardless of the length you choose. The oval shape beautifies your hands by making your fingers appear more slender and delicate.


Mom will approve of this playful look. Who doesn’t like fall leaves, turkey feathers, and little pumpkins?Keep your base color light so that your images pop. This will definitely spark the dinner conversation – who knew you were such a gifted artist?!

Sparkling Wine

A little sparkle on your wine-colored nails goes with any meal. The classic wine color is a nod to the past that livened up this year with some glimmer.This updated classic looks excellent on square-shaped or coffin-shaped nails. To get the look, invest in a stamp or a dotting tool. The dotting tool is a definite must-have in your manicure kit to achieve the perfect dot.

Starry Nights

The days are shorter, and the nights are longer, so try out an ode to the stars. Dark blue polish with a matte finish is the perfect background to add in some celestial art.To get the look, find a dark blue polish and top off with a matte top-coat. Using a small brush, create your thin celestial lines and stars. To finish the look, add on dots in silver, gold, or white polish, or add a small stud 3-D embellishment. The perfect look for a night under the stars!

Twilight in Red

Love the stars, but want to feel a little more holiday cheer? Go red and gold for your stellar look. Keep the look lustrous with a glossy top-coat and shimmering gold.Want more stars? Why not try your hand at your favorite constellation?

Cable Knit & Candy Canes

A little cozy with your candy? This is the perfect look for grabbing a minty hot chocolate in your favorite cable knit sweater.To achieve the look of the sweater, you will need to add texture by using gel paint. This one is a bit harder, but certainly not impossible to try at home. Check out the steps here to achieve thislook.Use a matte top-coat on all of your nails for a coordinating finish.

Red Glitter Tips

Super-size the sumptuous by making your candy-cane nail art lustrous with a glossy top-coat. Red glitter tips and a super sleek candy stripe is a great way to welcome in the holiday season.This festive and fashionable look works well on the popular square-shaped nails with roundedcorners. The longer the length, the more dramatic the effect. The rounded-square shaped nails are more durable with less breakage, and shouldn’t snag on your favorite winter sweaters.

Matte Snowflakes

Heading for a holiday open house? Silvery snowflakes on classic red with a matte finish is the perfect way to navigate the holidays. This design works well with any nail shape or length. Definitely a new style we will see for many years to come.This look is easy to achieve with a nail stamp kit. You can purchase nail stamps in almost any design and have fun creating your own individual styles. After the holidays, keep up your snowflakes with pastel-colored polish until the arrival of spring.


This is no cookie-cutter look. Show off your ultimate holiday look with a gingerbread manicure. So cute and fun for family events. The little ones will love to check out your funny fingers!For this look, try it freehand with specialized manicure tools. For a more precise look with a smoother application, check out holiday nail decals and stamps.


After you deck the halls, don’t forget to bedeck yourself. A few crystals, glitter, and some seasonal colored polka dots over a nude polish is a beautiful way to spice up your holiday outfits.This manicure is dripping in opulence without being overpowering. This new classic works well with any party dress. Change your dot color to match your make-up and outfit, or keep it traditional. Your individual take will make you love it even more.


Love your black polish? Keep it going through the holidays with some added fun. Prancer, Dancer, and Vixen would love to be added to your manicure ensemble.

The addition of festive adornments will keep sultry at bay, and bring in some playful vibes. Black nails in glossy or matte work particularly well on almond and stiletto shaped nails.

A Little Menora

Honor the Festival of Lights with fancy fingertips. Kick-off Hanukkah season bearing blue and silver along with your individualized creativity.If freehand painting proves a little tricky, find nail stamps or nail decals in your favorite holiday designs. This look is fun for everyone, so let the kids enjoy some nail art too.

Glitzy Blue

There is something about these nails that scream, “I’m ready for my champagne!”The perfectly diagonal lines with glitter and the radiant deep blue shows you’re serious about having fun, elegantly. So roll out the red carpet and let the party begin!To get precise, clean lines, use a striper brush or striper tape. For a super glittery look, opt for the loose glitter instead of the glitter-polish. Don’t forget your glossy top-coat to finish the look.


If you are looking for a refined, yet glistening, look without too much embellishment, this is it.

Glitter polish is now available in just about every hue imaginable, even in iridescent, so you will definitely find the right shade and shine for you.

Say It With Words

Say what you want with manicured words. This super fun idea is perfect for any holiday adornment, especially Christmas. It will surely show everyone your playful side, so keep that joyful smile on your face all through the season.To get the look, use a stamping kit or premade nail stickers or wraps. So cute and fun! Perfect for everyone who wants to spread the holiday cheer.

Creamy Snowflakes

Not feeling the traditional holiday colors this year? Not to worry. Discard the rule book and throw a spin on tradition. Do what suits you best, and definitely put your best hand forward.Try out a nude or light polish and bring in your holiday flair with white, silver, or gold shimmery nail art. An understated look with a gift of glamour.

Happy New Year!

Ring in the new year with fireworks! No one will question your enthusiasm at the New Year’s Eve party. Go subtle or go crazy with color. Try neon fireworks on black polish for a bold look that will really light up the night.Want something a little more low key but still in-keeping with the New Year’s Eve buzz? Try using champagne colored polish – pearlized, glittered, or both. Stencil in “2020” on one of your nails. If you’re feeling super artsy, try stenciling on a couple of champagne glasses too. Cheers!

70’s Glam

Catch this 70’s retro wave for instant glam in a fresh new way. While the color shift is subtle, the result is striking. This disco-era look will be fun to show off while dancing the night away.

Dare to Deco

So Vogue! Individualized nails never looked so good! Dare to bare some deco designs. Shown in a matte finish, but highly polished, these nails are a definite go-to this holiday season. Try deep gemstone hues in metallic finishes for a unique and arresting look.


Violet? Lilac? Plum? Amethyst? What’s your favorite shade of this year’s reigning queen of color? Even though the year’s almost out, not to worry. Shades of purple will remain at the top of the color charts through 2020.


Even the warmest of hearts will love this icy trend. Icicle nails are a fun new trend in winter nail art. While you can use any color or texture combination, shimmery or glittery used with white polish definitely reaches a new pinnacle in nail art.

Chinese New Year

Ring in the Chinese New Year on January 25th with a festive manicure. More fun to be had by celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Rat.Make sure to use the traditional colors associated with the Chinese New Year: red for fortune and happiness, gold for wealth. Add some 3-D embellishments or fun floral stamps to finish off the look.

Find your inner Picasso

A little art is good for the soul, so get creative with your colors and designs. A great way to brighten up a dull winter day and show your inner artist. Mix it up with neon colors for a fresh wave of wow.


No need to wear your heart on your sleeve when it’s so easy to add it to your nails. Show your significant other how much you love to love with fun fingernails. Use any of your favorite color combinations to show your individuality, just don’t forget those crazy cute little hearts.All of these extraordinary ideas, but not enough time to try them all out? Not to worry. These looks will be around for a long time, so go ahead and invest in some tools for your manicure kit. Maybe you will create the next big trend in nail art.

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