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Lovely Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

As the holiday season ends, we all start getting ready for yet another gorgeous day, which is all about emotions, love and heartbeats! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of the year when you maximum feel love in the air, start appreciating the one beside you even more and get totally romantic. Preparations for this day fashion wise are definitely crucial, since every woman wants to impress her man even more especially on this day. While a lot depends on the style of the dress you choose, the accompanying accessories and the hair and makeup looks, no less vital is it to take care of your nails and create cute Valentine’s Day inspired nail designs that will perfectly match the entire theme. To inspire you to go romantic on this day, we have collected here some really sweet and lovely Valentine’s Day nail art ideas that will definitely take your styling to a whole new level!

The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking sweethearts’ day, it’s definitely hearts! Take your love to your fingertips by drawing cute heart designs on your nails in passionate red or cute pink, or any other shade you give preference to. A smart idea is to create monochrome nails and then draw the heart only on one of your fingers. Otherwise, you may try picturing different styles of hearts on all of your five fingers.

If you nail design skills are quite professional, you may try imprinting an entire love story on your nails: picture a loving couple on one of your fingers, some heart prints on the rest and you are ready to dazzle!

You can also try kind of ordinary nail designs on this day, playing with interesting textures, gems, crystals and glitter mani. Ideas are endless and tastes different! Get inspired from these pictures and make a statement on this important day!

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