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6 Love Inspired Valentine’s Day Hairstyle Tutorials

If you haven’t planned yet what hairstyle to wear on Valentine’s Day, these 6 love inspired Valentine’s Day hairstyle tutorials will help you create both a romantic hairstyle and a casual one. You may bravely go both for a meeting with your sweetie and with your friends.

Such great hair bloggers as Lilith Moon, Luxy Hair and others may be your inspiration while looking for an ideal Valentine’s Day hairstyle.

Accessorize Your Hair with a Heart Braid

It’s pleasant if creating a new hairstyle doesn’t take you much time. You may accessorize your hairstyle with your hair. This love inspired Valentine’s Day hairstyle is included in the blog of Christina, called Hair Romance. All you need to achieve this look is just following several steps. After getting two braids, roll them and make a heart. Use pins to make your heart braid stay in place. It will accessorize your hair and provide you with a romantic look.

Dramatic Half-Up and Half-Down Hairstyle with Curls

Lilith Moon’s blog amazes us with her dramatic hairstyles. This one is so gorgeous that no one can stay indifferent. To create an effective look, you had better go for this love inspired Valentine’s Day hairstyle. To achieve this look, curl your tresses. Take some hair from the front part and after dividing it into two parts, twist it. Grasp some hair out of your twist and pull the rest of your hair up. Then bring the twisted hair to the back part of your head and adjust with pins. Do the same trick with the other part and again adjust with bobby pins. Create two other twists, as well. Finally sweep your hair to one side and enjoy your fabulous hairstyle.

Crown Braid in a Heart Form

This Valentine’s Day hairstyle is from the Beauty Department blog and is more like an updo hairstyle. It pulls your hair back, opening your face. It is possible to create this hairstyle both with thin and thick hair types. For this look, you will need to separate your hair into two parts and create French braids with the two sides. Join the two braids at the back part of your neck, creating a nice heart and then finish the braid and secure.

Endless Knot

If the idea of creating hearts on your head is not dear to you, you may go for an endless knot hairstyle from Luxy Hair, which is also known as a Celtic knot. It will resemble the endless love and will look amazing with half –up and half-down hairstyle. Just a little practice and you will achieve your desired look on the Valentine’s Day. Have a look at this tutorial. For this look, you will need to take the upper part of your hair and divide it into two parts. Create a circle with the first hair section and put the second part below the first one. Then place the second section on and under the first one and finally bring it out to pass on and under the circle. Thus, you will get this splendid knot hairstyle on Valentine’s Day.

Wear Rose Crown

Get acquainted with another love inspired Valentine’s Day hairstyle tutorial. You may easily create this hairstyle. Just take four roses and adjust them on a wire. Wear it on the crown of your head and leave your hair either curly or straight. Your look will be fantastic on this great day.

Edgy Hairstyle for Valentine’s Day

Have a look at this Valentine’s Day hairstyle, which is a bit complicated and in an edgy style. Create this look with the following steps. Section your hair into parts, take the front part and create a Mohawk style. Pin all the other parts. Loosen the left section and get rid of the tangles by brushing and applying a styling cream. Then twist that section towards the back part of your head. Don’t forget to pin the twist to make it stay in place. Repeat the same thing with the right side. Loosen the back part. Again section it to be easy to work with it. Create twists and roll them. Pass to the front part of your head. Divide that hair part into sections and after twisting them, roll again. Finally wrap your hair with a scarf and go to sleep. In the morning, loosen all the twists. Take the front part of your hair and create pompadour at the crown of your head. Use pins to secure them. Then go down and create another pompadour, taking small sections from each side. Leave some hair loose or just tuck it.

Get an amazing look, getting inspired by these 6 love inspired Valentine’s Day hairstyle tutorials.


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