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7 Fashion Trends To Try This Season

Each season brings a new trend with it. You should pick the best ones and enlarge your wardrobe. Find the fashionable looks and wear them in your own way. Though, not every trend may suit you perfectly, it will be interesting to find out the best 7 fashion trends for this season.  

1.  Leather Piece

Leather is one of the fashion trends to try this season. A piece of leather on your sweater or on your coat provides you with an elegant and stylish look. This is a fantastic option to look trendy, if you are not for wearing leather from head to toe. You may find not only leather outfits but also leather accessories for this season.

2.  Go for Layering

Layering is one of the fashion trends we seek for this cold season. Layer a tank with a flannel and you will feel warm and comfortable. If you seek for an elegant look, wear a collared shirt and pair it with a nice sweater. The secret of layering is that you bring several trendy pieces together and create your gorgeous look.

3.  Pair High Socks with a Skirt

The 90s fashion is again back in 2014. If you are brave in character, this trend is worth trying this season. High socks look very chic with a skirt and a pair of boots. It will give you both a bold and a feminine look.

4.  Multi Fabrics

This trend is recommendable to those ladies, who are used to wearing sweaters for this season. Multi fabrics make your knitted sweater more fashionable. Just enlarge your wardrobe with several sweaters created in multi fabrics and pair them with thin jeans and short boots.

5.  Match Various Metals

We have already passed through those times, when we had to opt either for gold or for silver to wear. This season is just the time to try both metals together. To make your look neutral, you may pull off bracelets from gold and silver. However, it is important to pull off this trend in a right way. In case your outfits already contain bold prints, you had better avoid blending metals.

6.  Pair Various Accessories

Piling accessories is one of the fashion trends to try this season. Wear various bracelets and rings together and you will create your trendy look. There are various stores, which are high in stylish accessories. Thus, you may easily purchase them. You may brighten your neutral outfits with several colorful necklaces.

7.  New Types of Jeans

Each girl should have several types of jeans in her wardrobe. However, you may be a little tricky and wear a new type of denim. It may appear in lace or contain a paisley pattern, which will update your outfit. Match it with a top or a lightweight jacket and feel cozy and trendy.

Discover new styles each season and experiment with them, ignoring the fact that some of them may not attract you so much. Find your inspiration among these 7 fashion trends to try this season.

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