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Super Stylish DIY Tights

If you want to be trendy and chic, opt for these super stylish DIY tights. They are very funny and warm ideal for the cold weather. Fans of DIY fashion are welcome to experiment with ordinary tights, creating something wow-worthy and spectacular!

DIY Tie Dye Tights

Your look may be astounding if you dare to wear tie dyed tights. You will surely get various types of tights even in case you apply the same dye color. The steps are as follows: take an ordinary pair of tights and tie them up randomly with a string. Dip your tied tights into a bowl of boiling colored water, making sure you have turned off the heat. Leave them there for some minutes, until you are satisfied with the intensity of the color. Take them out and leave them to cool down. Next, slightly wash your tights with cold water, making sure they don’t bleed the dye completely. And your DIY tie dye tights are ready!

DIY Beaded Tights

To create beaded tights, you just need to have at hand different types of beads and patterned lace tights. Beads may appear in various colors and dimensions. For a festive look you are advised to choose glittery beads. You just have to kind of embroider the beads into the tights carefully on the spots you want the sparkle to be!

DIY Ombre Tights

Ombre look has always been in fashion. Do you want to have DIY ombre tights? Take a pair of uncolored tights and soak them up in cold water. In a bowl, add the color of your choice and heat the water up. As you turn off the heat, dip your wet tights into the bowl. As the tights soak up the color, take them out and put into a cold water filled bowl. Now, take a lighter shade of the same dye and repeat the same action, this time leaving the ends of your tights out. Finally, do this again with the lightest shade of the same dye, leaving some 18 inches out of the bowl. Last but not least, rinse the tights in cold water to get rid of the excessive dye and put them in a bowl of permanent dyeset. Leave them to completely dry and you are ready to rock!

DIY Aligned Hearts Tights

You will surely have a fantastic look if you paint hearts on your old white tights. Your DIY tights will catch everybody’s attention. To create such cute DIY tights, you have first to make a stencil. For this, take a long cardboard and fold it. Paint half-hearts in different sizes, from the biggest to the smallest in the gradient motion. Cut the hearts out and unfold the paper. Now, wear your tights and start painting them with a black dye, using the stencil. You have to wait long until the dye completely dries out. As a final step, you can take them off, slightly rinse in the water and use a permanent dyeset for the dye not to blood out completely. By the way, in the same method you can paint different figures on your tights. Simply you have to make different stencils.

DIY Tattoo Tights

One of the perfect designs for DIY tights is drawing a tattoo on your tights, creating the impression of wearing a temporary tattoo on your leg. You may create it both on your neutral and colored tights. Consider that tattoos may come in quite different colors. So to make DIY tattoo tights, take an image of the tattoo of your choice and tape it on a book. Now, carefully, slide your tights over the book and start tracing the image with a textile marker. Let the tight dry completely, take them off the book and wear them!

DIY Trimmed Tights

If you want your old tights to look textured and attractive, embellish them with trims. You will surely have a fantastic look. For this, you have to take plain sheer tights, lovely trims and small details, like pearls. Cut out the flower trims and stitch them on the tights and you are done!

DIY Stamped Tights

DIY tights may look fabulous if you put stamps on them. Besides, they are not expensive. For this, you should draw your favorite image on an eraser. For instance, think small hearts. Then cut your eraser with a sharp knife, working your way around the lines of the design. Your stamp is ready. Now, dip it in a dye and test it out on a sheet of paper. As you feel, the hearts are stamped perfectly, wear your tights and repeat the actions on your own tights, stamping the lovely harts on your legs. As a final step, coat all the stamped hearts with a clear nail polish when dry to secure their long-lasting look.

DIY Knee Hearts Tights

Why not to paint hearts on your knees and have a gorgeous look? Your pastel tights will look fantastic together with the white painted hearts. For this, you simply have to wear your tights and draw hearts on your knees. Then take them off and paint them with a white dye (you can do the same step, while still wearing tights. Only in this case you have to wait until the hearts dry out completely and then only take off the tights).

So, will you try any of these super stylish DIY tights? Dare to wear them and have a fantastic look.

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