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Auburn Hair Color Tips and Ideas

Looking forward to changing your hair color but can’t really decide what color you want to go for? Check out one of the season’s hottest hair color trends and get some ideas that will radically change your look! These easy auburn hair color tips and ideas will definitely put you on the right track on your hunt for the warmest and chicest look!

Thus we would like to present you the reddish brown hair color, which is common to call auburn and is considered as one of the most stylish hair colors. In fact, many of our fab celebs such as Bryce Dallas Howard or Emma Stone seem to love this trend!
Of course, getting auburn hair color is easier if you have blonde or chestnut hair color. Moreover you can go for medium auburn as it works perfectly with most of the skin shades. Light auburn on the other side, is recommended only to those who have pale skin, while dark auburn looks good only when it’s natural.

Auburn Hair for Blondes

If you want to go for auburn hair but your current hair color is blonde, you may need to give your hair a reddish hue first. Of course, in order to reach perfection you should ask for the help of a hair colorist, as this color is a little bit risky, since you may end up with orange hair, which isn’t exactly what you want.

Auburn Hair for Brunettes

Things get a little bit harder if you are a brunette, as it requires bleaching your hair in order to get the perfect tone of auburn hair color. You can bleach your hair at home or ask a professional hair stylist to do it for better results.
Last but not least, no matter what tone of auburn hair you’ll go for, make sure you change your hair care products too to maintain the shiny color.

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