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How to Prevent Hair From Getting Tangled

Hair is one of the most important parts for your face appearance and having your hair the way you like can change not only your face expression but also can make you feel self-confident.

Here is some advice you can follow to prevent your tangled hair and to have soft, smooth and shining hair.

It is important to know that temporal hair styling tools such as hair curling or flat iron can damage your hair permanently. This can be a reason for hair to tangle. Also hair dryer shouldn’t be used on high flow.

Take care of the hair protection spray you use. Or better stay away from spray’s daily use. Such kinds of sprays are to freeze hair and keep it together for hair to stay hard. It takes to tangled hair.

If not after every hair wash then at least once a week after shampoo wash your hair with hair conditioner. Conditioning helps hair as shampoo can’t do all the work. Conditioning treats hair from heat, humidity, surrounding pollution etc. Due to conditioning you can have smoothness softness and shine in your hair.

Another permanent damage can be caused by bleach and/ or dye. Most of the times to get rid of hair that was damaged this way is just to cut it off. That’s why try to avoid bleaching and coloring hair as much as you can.

Split ends are another reason for tangles. There are some activities you just can’t avoid. This all brings to split ends. So if it gets to split ends you can’t avoid cutting your hair. A good hairdresser is needed to trim your hair regularly.

Women who have long and tangled hair are advised to avoid sun hats, beanies and cups without special need of it. This also can prevent tangles.

In these cases brushing hair can be painful and more hair will be damaged so avoid brushing much, instead try to find solutions for your tangled hair first.

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