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The Worst Gluten Free Foods To Avoid

Following a Gluten free diet isn’t the easiest mission that one has to accomplish. In fact, usually it becomes even harder due to some innocent mistakes that we make. Thus, considering that we decided to inform you about one of the worst mistakes that you might be making when following a Gluten free diet and that the one of buying gluten free foods from a regular store. Moreover, if you follow reading below you’ll discover the exact gluten free foods that you have to avoid if you don’t want to ruin your diet!

Gluten Free Lasagna

Gluten free lasagna shouldn’t be included in your daily menu if you follow gluten free diet is because it contains 520 calories, 14 g fat and 570 mg sodium per serving which means that you risk to put on weight.

Macaroni and Cheese

Well mentioning and only that macaroni and pasta contains 15 grams of fat, 600 mg sodium and 440 calories in a 10.6 ounce serving will be enough for you to understand that it’s bad idea to go for it when following a gluten free diet.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

One of the most common mistakes that one can do when following a gluten free diet is including chocolate cake on the daily menu as the latter contains 510 calories, 33 grams fat and 9 g saturated fat which is definitely something desired when following a diet.

Gingersnap Cookies

Eating two gluten free cookies means providing to your body 220 calories and 12 g fat, also as experts claim gluten free cookies contain 16 g sugars per serving. So, the latter are definitely not the best choice when following gluten free diet, right?

Gluten Free Original Graniola

Starting you day with a pack of 520 calories isn’t the best that you can do. So, make sure you give it a second thought before you add gluten free original graniola in your gluten free diet menu.

White Bread

Before you go for a gluten free white bread make sure you’ve checked whether it contains more fiber and less calories in order to exclude any chances of gaining extra weight.


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