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Feeding Picky Eaters At A Dinner Party

Woman offering food to picky eater

Whether the difficulties are by choice (vegetarian or vegan), restriction (gluten or lactose intolerance), or simply that finicky friend who doesn’t like anything, hosting a dinner party doesn’t have to be a mine field when it comes to navigating the menu options.  As long as you know in advance which things to avoid, you can still put together a delicious and fun table.  Here are a few tips to putting together a meal that everyone will devour:

  • Buffet: A buffet can offer guests plenty of options, and when they have the ability to make their own plate, your guests can pick whatever options fit their tastes and needs.  Just make sure to include at least one dish for each of the restrictions.
  • Make your own: When the guests can create their own meal, everyone wins.  A salad bar, taco bar, or even baked potato bar can offer a wide variety of toppings and lets each guest choose their own add-ins and toppings.
  • Options: Make the most of your side dishes.  If the entrée is suited for some, a good variety of sides will make all of your guests happy, and everyone can find something that meets their needs.
  • Potluck: When in doubt, make it a potluck!  Offer to provide the main course and have everyone bring a side dish to share.  That way each guest will have at least one dish they love.

A special note on behalf of your vegetarian and vegan guests, make sure that their options include more than mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.  Something like a quinoa and grilled vegetable salad will please both the vegans and the meat-eaters alike!

With a little planning ahead, you will have a wonderful meal that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

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