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When Is ‘Too Much’ Skin Care?

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I’m not referring to the 12-step skincare regimens, although that does seem like a lot.  I’m referring to how much of each product you use with each application.  Typically we use too much of each product which can result in going through the bottle too fast, spending more money, and even potentially causing negative effects on the skin.

  • Cleanser: You technically only need about the size of a dime.  Using too much could possibly dry out the skin and cause secondary issues as well such as irritation or more breakouts.
  • Eye products: Just a dab is necessary with eye products.  Any more than that can result in puffiness, irritation, and difficulties with makeup smearing or not adhering.
  • Serums and oils: About a penny size should do the trick.  Overdosing could reduce the absorption of the product and thereby reduce the efficacy of the ingredients.  These products are designed to soak into the skin, not sit on top.
  • Moisturizers: If you are trying a new moisturizer, less is more until you determine what your skin needs.  Too much can leave your skin overly oily and cause breakouts.
  • Retinol: Because of the powerful effects of this particular product, it’s usually best to start with a dime amount every other night, and build up to about a nickel every night.
  • Sunscreen: This is the one exception to the rule.  You really can’t apply too much as long as you are using the right formula for your skin.  For face application, use approximately a quarter amount; for your body, most experts would recommend about one ounce (the amount to fill a shot glass).

If you start using these recommended amounts, your skincare dollar will definitely go further and you might even end up with a more effective skincare regimen!

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