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Choosing a Body Moisturizer

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After you have chosen your body exfoliator and have used it gently but thoroughly, it is time to moisturize that fresh new skin.  But again, so many options are available that it can easily be overwhelming.  Again, we can apply the same criteria to choosing a body moisturizer that we did to a body exfoliator.

  • Skin Type – The rule of thumb is that the drier or tougher the skin, the thicker the moisturizer should be. Your dry and cracked feet will more than likely need something more moisturizing than the delicate skin of your back.
  • Formula – Lotions are usually the thinnest formulas while creams are the thickest. But also keep in mind that these days, even body lotions are carrying highly effective treatment ingredients.  The Booth 4-in-1 Multi-Action Body Lotions contain caffeine to help firm the skin, malic acid to gently exfoliate, multiple moisturizing oils, and nourishing antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Scent – I prefer using scented body lotions instead of having to apply perfume after the fact. But that is a personal choice.  If perfume is your ‘thing’, stick with unscented lotions so you can vary your fragrance.  Or if you have a signature perfume that you wear daily, consider the matching scented lotion so you can layer your fragrance.  Sensitive skin should be cautious around anything with too much fragrance.

I usually keep a variety of moisturizers around so that I can choose which one my skin needs at any given time.  My body lotion is usually on the thinner side, while my hand and foot creams are thicker so that they can really get to work.  I also like to keep a salve or balm on hand just in case I have an area that really needs some extra help through the winter months.

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