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How to Flatter Deep-Set Eyes

Brunette woman touching her face

Do you have deep set eyes?  One quick way to find out is to use a pencil and hold it flat against your eyebrow.  If it rests against your cheek without touching any other part of your eye, you indeed have deep-set eyes.

While this particular eye shape is great for eye makeup because it is a clearly defined eye shape, those of us with this shape have to tread carefully.  The wrong application can make deep set eyes retreat even further.

Here are a few tricks to make the most of your deep set eyes:

  • The basic rule to remember is that light shades bring forward and dark shades recess.
  • While for a lot of eye shapes, one of the recommendations is to highlight under the brow bone.  For deep set eyes, this is not a good suggestion.  Since the brow bone is already highlighted naturally, adding a pale accent in that area will only accentuate the deep-set aspects.
  • Using the lighter shades on the lid area helps balance out the natural shadows.
  • The darker shades of eyeshadow should be used only on the outer third of the eye area and never further inward than the pupil.
  • Make sure to highlight the inner corner of the eye area to make everything sparkle.
  • Eyeliner placement is also key.  Lining the entire eye will close it off and make it look even smaller.  Tightlining is an excellent technique to emphasize the eye area without overwhelming it.
  • Another note to be aware of is the eyebrow.  In order to keep the eye area balanced, make sure that you don’t overpluck them.  Having groomed but well-defined brows helps frame the area.

Any eyeshadow look including the traditional smoky eye can be adapted to suit the deep-set eye shape.

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