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What to Wear to A Matinee at the Theater

Woman in white summer dress outdoors

A night out at the theater usually means dressing up and carrying that tiny black satin clutch that we never get to use any other time.  It also usually means the black eyeliner and the red lipstick to round out that fancy outfit.

But what about a Saturday afternoon matinee show?  Not nearly as fancy as all that, but you still don’t want to be too casual.

Here in Texas it is still hot and humid, and I’m meeting friends at the theater this Saturday for an early birthday outing.  And while I don’t want to wear my slacks that I wear to work, I certainly don’t feel like jeans or leggings either.

That leaves something in between.

I will more than likely opt for a cute calf-length summer skirt and a nice top, plus a cardigan or wrap just in case they keep the theater a bracing 60 degrees.  I think the combination will be a good balance between Saturday afternoon comfy and theater dressy.  I don’t want to be the fanciest in the room but I certainly don’t want to be the most casual either.

My hair and makeup will hopefully find the same balance.  My standard look for ‘nice casual’ is usually BB cream and blush, plus black liner as a tightline and mascara.  My eyes are usually my go-to feature to highlight, and the tightline emphasizes them without making it look like I’m wearing too much black eyeliner in the middle of the day.  I like to top it all off with a rose-colored tinted lip balm that is easy to re-apply without a mirror.

The bonus of this look is I will end up looking pretty dang appropriate for any follow-up activity that might come up!

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