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Small Touches that Make A Big Difference

Woman examining her face in the mirror

Sometimes we get caught up in the ‘bigger’ parts of our makeup routine, and forget to double-check the little things.  But if you make them a part of your regular routine, they really won’t add too much time to your morning.  Here are a few quick things that I try to pay attention to:

  • Lip balm first – Before I apply any makeup, I make sure to apply a good coat of lip balm.  I let it soak into my lips as I apply everything else, and then my lips are smooth and ready for my lip color.
  • Sometimes less is more – For example, the concealer I am currently using as an eye primer and for spot coverage is extremely concentrated.  Therefore, I have to stop and remember that the tiniest dab will do the trick.  If I pile on too much, either my eyeshadow creases or my spots end up highlighted rather than concealed.
  • Comb those lashes – I have a clean spoolie that I use for just this purpose.  It helps lift and separate my lashes to give me that full ‘fan’ look.
  • Undereye concealer – I used to think that my foundation provided enough coverage under my eyes that I didn’t need additional concealer.  However, adding the same color everywhere only makes the shadows look the same – I haven’t really lightened anything since they stay the same number of shades different that they were before.  A tiny dab of that same concealer underneath the eye area works wonders.
  • Sometimes the best tool is no tool – I discovered purely by accident that blending my undereye concealer with my fingertip actually yielded better results than a brush.  I think the combined body heat from my finger and my face helped it melt into my skin.

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