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Changing Up Your Purse

Woman with white purse leaning against railing

How often do you change your handbag? Daily, weekly, seasonally, when it wears out? We each have our own preferences as to when it’s time for a new one.

Part of it depends on what type of handbag you carry. If you tend to carry a classic, you are probably less tempted to change it out. If you prefer to carry something trendier in color or shape, you probably need to change it out more frequently. Likewise, if you carry more expensive handbags, it can get pricey to change them out frequently whereas if you shop for bargains, you can more easily afford a new bag.

Personally, I carry a small crossbody that fits easily into a tote that I can carry to work. The smaller bag holds the basics that I need for errands or weekends, but for the workday I tend to carry more than that.

It can also be a royal pain to change handbags. With tiny things stuck in every crevice and pocket, it can be challenging to make sure you transfer all the essentials.

I’ve often considered trying one of those organizers such as the Travelon RFID Scanner Blocking Purse Organizer. They’re inserts that fit inside your purse with all kinds of pockets to hold the smaller items. When you want to change your handbag, you simply move the entire insert to the new one.

Personally, I tend to purchase cost-efficient purses so I just change them with the mood strikes. Sometimes I get tired of carrying two bags during the week and switch to just one for simplicity’s sake. However, on the weekends I get tired of carrying the big bag to the grocery store and end up switching back.

What do you carry and how often do you change?

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