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My Reading and Watching List Right Now

I know summer break is just about over, but what is on your reading and watching list right now?  I have a few things floating around on the to-do list, and hopefully I will find the time for most of them!

  • Lion – This movie came highly recommended by my best friend but I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.  It’s the story of a little Indian boy who ends up getting adopted by an Australian couple after surviving many challenges.  More than two decades later, he sets off to finds his biological family.  One of the things that inspires me to buy the DVD is the fact that the campaign has partnered with charitable organizations to protect the over 80,000 children that go missing in India each year.
  • The Curse of Beauty – This book sounds like a fascinating read.  It’s the biographical story of America’s first supermodel, Audrey Munson.  In the reviews I’ve read, it’s scary how her path back in the early 1900s mimics so closely the stories you hear about modern-day super models.
  • The Joy of Less – One of the staples for anyone pursuing a more minimal lifestyle.  I already subscribe to her blog but am fascinated to know what she has in her book that isn’t on her blog.  I find myself more and more drawn to the minimalist lifestyle.  And I like the fact that Francine clearly defines minimalism for herself, and while offering tips for others, does not presume to define minimalism for others.
  • Dress with Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe – While not technically a book or movie, it is a self-study courses from Courtney, the creator of Project 333.  I love reading and sharing her Be More With Less blog distributions.

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