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The Cutest Wedding Party Looks from Weddington Way

Bridal party styled by Weddington Way

Weddington Way has recently launched its new groomsmen collection, The Gent Shop, and what a shop it is! All the looks are incredibly dapper, and any party would look stunning in the looks they have on offer.

Weddington Way is an online, collaborative shop for all your bridal needs. Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or even just a guest, Weddington Way has all the looks you could possibly choose from. With their expansion into suits and tuxedos, they really are a one-stop shop for the best looks. The site is super user-friendly, and has a TON of looks to choose from for women, with a variety of fabrics, styles, and colors to browse.

Bridal party styled by Weddington Way

The bridesmaid shop really is incredible—it would take days to look through all the different dresses they have! I particularly like the feature that allows you to mix and match bridesmaid dresses, allowing you to see all the dresses available in a similar color to the dress you’re looking at. Having mix and match dresses is becoming increasingly popular, but having recently been in a bridal party that chose this option, I know firsthand how tricky it can be to get everyone in dresses that look good together. I also really love that they feature customer pictures for each dress. This is especially helpful when you’re looking at things online, because it gives you a feel for what it looks like on a variety of body types.

I took a browse through the shops to find my favorite looks, and this is what I’ve come up with for my ideal wedding party look.

For the groomsmen I choose the ‘Connor’ look. I love a man in blue, and this slate blue 3-piece tuxedo is just gorgeous. My favorite feature is the satin edging on the lapels and the besom pockets, which gives it a nice crisp appearance. Once the dancing begins, the groomsmen can take off their jackets and still look great in just the vest and crisp white shirt. I matched the look with a tie in the Silver Herringbone color to lighten up the darker look.

For the bridesmaids I chose the ‘Sophia’ look from the Weddington Way collection. I think this dress is super feminine and flirty, and the Something Navy color I chose matches perfectly with the groomsmen’s look. The main reason I chose this dress is because the cut is one that looks flattering with most body shapes, and because it has pockets! Perfect for stuffing some Kleenex into, because you know your bridesmaids are going to need some. It’s a classic look that I wouldn’t regret forcing my loved ones to wear when I look back on pictures decades from now.

So that’s my dream wedding party! Head on over to Weddington Way to figure out yours!

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